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Finally, the most talked about debut album by D-Flex T-whyte , A gospel rapper from beehive. Which was slated to be released since last year but due to some issues at hand it couldn't but Glory be to God its finally out and the general Public can have a taste of what D-flex T-Whyte is all about. The album contains 9 fresh tracks featuring various artistes from Beehive. The album boast of top notch guest appearances with the likes of Cman, Bob dee , shambee, Prokid and da krank. Messages as expected were Successfully spoken to spread the word!!
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1. BLIND FOLD feat. Prokid & Da Krank (prod. Cman)
The album begins on a repentance note.Both Guest artist bought their A game lacing perf  ggectly on Cman's produced Soundtrack.putting God first in everything you do i s the highlight of this song as both emcees talked about being blind before God opened their eyes. Its agood way to start an album.


2. TALENT & STRENGTH Feat. CMAN ( prod. Cman );
A classical hip hop beat with classical Raps and the amazing Cman's rich vocals sums up the energetic track. The song entails the struggles to make it to the top as not easy. Only God can give you both the talent & Strength.


3. SOJ Feat. Cman & Bob D 

Wow Bob d on guest list? Song fades in with Cman's smoothening vocals with inch perfect mix as the drums and trumpet rolls in. DFlex showcase his lyrical story telling prowess
Telling the audience how Jesus saved him from his former self of being a Gangster. While Bob d completes the jig saw with a mouth watering word play lyricism. What a great song!


4. RAWAN YABO ( prod. Cman )

No way an African Album gonna make wave without some home based infused sound.Rawan Yabo sums up everything and DFlex came through with couples of witty lines
Also sees the Emcee spits his local dialect ( za'ar ) in a diverse manner.


5. MY FIRST LOVE feat. PROKID ( prod. Spyz )

My personal favorite. From the soundtrack to choice of guest artiste everything was superb. Its a classical love song. Song talks about self love, love for God. Song is very infectious, Spyz was superb on keys.


6. MEAN NO WRONG ( prod. Cman )
Another Cman's produced soundtrack. The track containing all information you need for the album. Dflex waxes his lyrical exortism. Great delivery with epic punchlines.


7. MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE Feat. Shambee ( prod. Shambee )

This is serious, its shambee on the beat!! Its shambee on the mic too! This song gave us a different variety of taste. DFlex hardly struggle on the trap beat. Message was clearly delivered Shambee was awesome. Its another Dope track!!


8. SHAIDA YESU ( prod. seekbeats )

And its another One! Trap infused beat. Seekbeats came through. Song is all about carrying the mark of Christ on us everywhere we go we preach the gospel. Song was done in Hausa language completely which further stretch the album's versatility. Great song!!


9. PRAY WITH YOU ( Prod. Seekbeats )
Finally, Sadly the album is coming to an end and DFlex seize the opportunity to pray for his friend, family and closed once by even mentioning some few nes. What a great way to end the tape.. He started with prayer and ended with prayer.first time on BLIND FOLD he said "Forgive me Lord Confessing all my eed you Lord i'm hearless asking myself will you take me back? Regretting killing my first son wen i was in high school" but this time around in a Very unselfish manner as he prays for Kalito, Seekbeats etc...


The whole project was mixed and mastered by Concept Man
Beats production
- Tracks 1,2,3,4 & 6 by CMAN
-Track 5 by Spyz
- Tracks 7 by Shambee
-Tracks 8 & 9 by Seek beats
Album Art by EmmyDesign

Executive Producer of the Album - Mr Spyz

NEW ALBUM: MEAN NO WRONG ( D-FLEX T-WHYTE ) NEW ALBUM: MEAN NO WRONG ( D-FLEX T-WHYTE ) Reviewed by Josh Ghani on 8:07:00 pm Rating: 5


swap said...

Enter your comment...ummmm

ibrahim kevin luke said...

Waw! The songs where cool n inspiring. Love to hear more.

Anonymous said...

Dope Album .DFlex u really tried .

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