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REAL NAMES: Shelemiah Ezekiel Elisha Kyauta
HOBBIES: Playing football, Gisting,  Watching TV, Making Beats, Sleeping, Listening to music, sometimes Chatting, Playing Games (PES)


 I've always had a thing for music, u know the whole idea behind making a song..
Buh i decided to go into music production after i heard Viper X song "Moment" and Black Blinx "Go Down" both produced by Shambee Puzzle
And at the time my brother had a laptop computer so I went n bought Fl studio 11 installed it, i tried making something buh I was clueless on what to do. then I went to shambee and he showed me a couple of stuffs then..
I later went to Daniel Alexander (Dj Deezy) he showed some to.. Then I went to Embeats He also taught some stuffs
[6/6, 11:31] Mariam Bala: But Shambee was like my steady go to, when I get stocked he still is n also the internet (YouTube)

 likes and dislikes?

Hate it when m hungry, dislikes someone who's arrogant, over pompous etc. Like getting Money, like someone who's humble, open to new ideas, determined, polite etc

CCOTW: SEEK-BEATS CCOTW: SEEK-BEATS Reviewed by Josh Ghani on 8:04:00 pm Rating: 5

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