Alaba Alayemi – Praise Concerts or Praise Chaos?

I have critically observed the metamorphosis that gospel music has gone through in Nigeria in general and in Ondo State in particular and I wish to use this piece to make my opinion known. I am specific about Ondo State because it is the state where I currently reside.

Alaba Alayemi: Praise Concerts or Praise Chaos?
I must say at this point that the Nigerian gospel music has really improved in many areas. First of all, we have recorded tremendous improvement in the area of voicing and song delivery. we now have singers who can compete with anyone from anywhere on the planet.


There are ten times more, gospel singers, now than we had two decades ago. This astronomical increase is not unconnected with the unchecked establishment of churches throughout the country.

Despite these improvements, we have retrogressed in the areas that actually matter.

The gospel music ministers of yesterday were men who had a top-notch understanding of the word of God. They were men whose salvation was not in doubt. Men who employed gospel music as a means of saving the lost, bringing back the backsliding, stabilizing the faltering and preparing everyone for the kingdom of God.

The preaching of the gospel of the kingdom used to be a central topic in our gospel music but it is no longer like that.

Our concerts which are supposed to be gatherings where people come to listen to soul touching and life-changing original songs have become places we go to just get entertained and show the latest dance moves.

If you want to see the most seductive and sexually suggestive dance move now, there is no longer any need to visit a club just go to any praise night or praise concert organized by a gospel Artiste.

We have all failed God, our pastors have failed to ensure that music ministers in their Church are actually born-again.

Our generation has also failed God because even if we lack mentors, the Bible is abundantly available to us in diverse languages and versions.

Alaba Alayemi: Praise Concerts or Praise Chaos?

How did we get to the point where used condoms are picked around the concert venue after our concerts?

How did we slide to the point where we invite a man who just smoked weed to the alter to come and minister?

Recently a member of my association told me that he went to a praise night where Palm wine and Asun was freely shared in the church.

Another one told me he was invited to a praise night where he became thirsty and when he asked the Minister in charge for water the man told him that there is no water but there is cold beer.


The young man though it was a joke and asked the man to bring it. The pastor presented him with two cold bottles of Goldberg.

In lyrical content, we have reached the lowest point. The theme of most of our songs is the same now.
The lyrics are stale and uninspiring words strung together and delivered on nice beats.

How did we slide to the point where we tell gospel Artiste not to sing about the gospel and the second coming but to just entertain us and go?

How did we slide to the point where some pastors prefer to bring secular Artistes to church than to invite gospel artistes?

Alaba Alayemi: Praise Concerts or Praise Chaos?

Written by Alaba Adeyemi

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