#AlabaReview: Beehive Top 5 Music (Week 2)



What Do You want - Saucebwoi

The biggest credit for the song should go to the producers for giving the song the unique sound it has.

The voicing of the song is not top notch and the lyrical content is of middle level quality.

However the total musical brew leaves a nice taste in the mouth.









This singer brings to the table a combination of fresh lyrics and good production efforts from the producer.

The extended play EP contains numerous nice songs.

The challenge with this Ep is the fact that the singers seems to be unawares of the fact that Nigerian don’t listen to songs that sound foreign like this.

You must capture your immediate environment first before longing to Capture listeners from far away.




This song is intended for the dance floor and we must say it is good for diverse types of dance.

The creative use off the word”go slow” must also be commended.

A video with a New type of dance will help this song to get attention from music lovers across the land.









This gospel Artiste will make great impact in this country sooner than later.

IDI EBUBE is one song that comes with beautiful voicing and instrumetal production.

The only reservation about this song which is also common to many gospel song is that the lyrics are hackneyed expressions, that is, words that have been used over and over again.

It appears that the time has come that we will have to tell our gospel Artistes to look for new expressions as the ones we are using now are over used.


Flying In The Rain – PedroSongs (Prod. by Pedrosongs)

This song is absolutely fantastic.From the simplicity of the the instrumental to the creative unleashed by the main and the featured Artiste this song towers above it peers.











The voice is superb and the lyrics are fresh and inspiring.

Since what we celebrate at beehives gossip is excellence and creativity AMAZING is hereby nominated as the song of the week.

Although we must questions the rationale behind the decision to place the verse of the featured Artiste at the tail end of the song.



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