#AlabaReview: Beehive Top 5 Music (Week 3)

#AlabaReview: Beehive Top 5 Music (Week 3)

We are grateful to you all for all the wonderful feedback we are getting for this weekly rating.

All the five songs of this week are top notch.


Peace Rain - Alaba Adeyemi ft. preacher I ,

This song is from a Gospel Artiste based in Ondo State but it features another gospel rapper from the Beehives, that is Preacher I together with other two other Artistes Sam Sagzy and Ifelagba.

The song is lyrically excellent .The delivery is also very good.

However the song seems quite brief for a song with four Artistes but sometimes creative work takes a bizarre turn.

The rhythm and the vibe makes it a potential commercial success.



BobDee Riddle sings 'Joy To The World' in Detty December - Paul McPetros
Bob Dee & Shambee attempted to make a seasonal song but ended up making an all time vibe.

The video which appears simple is minimalist & very unique.

Such talent will certainly go places. There is glimpses of Sparks a little financial backup can turn the little Sparks into a ball of fire



NA LIE – Marvo ft. Cino Wayne

This song combines good instrumental work to bring to our audio table a wonderful piece of music.

The hook, the rap and the chorus is dope.

However, Marvo must see to it that he doesn’t end up being compared to Erriga.

BE LIFTED – Emey Cimthog 


A wonderful and soul lifting musical work.

A totally superb work that needs to be played all the time.

The lyrics is nice and the voicing is good to the ear.



















4G – Prokid

4G - Prokid (prod. Sunday Sara)

Recorded on an Afro rythm 4G brings to the table a new idea presented with exceptional creativity.

Inspirational and inspiring.This song has the commercial and lyrical characteristics with which it can compete with the best from anywhere in Nigeria.


SONG OF THE WEEK – Joy to the world (Bob D & Shambee)

BobDee Riddle sings 'Joy To The World' in Detty December - Paul McPetros

Joy to the world for it lyrical simplicity and creativity.

We also recognize the effort of the video director for producing a nice and simple visual work.



#AlabaReview: Beehive Top 5 Music (Week 3)

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