BAHA Crisis: Attempt to impeach Bauchi Speaker dangerous for our democracy


BAHA Crisis: Attempt to impeach Bauchi Speaker dangerous for our democracy

The Legislature as an institution of democracy provides for the citizens an opportunity, through representation, to participate in the decision making process of governance. Therefore, members are elected to either the State Assembly or the National Assembly to represent their constituents and not themselves. As such, they are expected to speak and act for and on behalf of their constituents and not for and on behalf of themselves. But for some members of the Bauchi state House of Assembly, it appears they act only in the contrary.

It is no news that some members of the Bauchi state House of Assembly have made a failed attempt at impeaching its leadership. We find such act self-serving as it breaches the agreement between the members who engaged in it and their constituents. In the long run, their selfish act may go as far as having negative consequences on our nascent democracy.

With dismay therefore, we absolutely condemn the activities of the twenty disgruntled members of the Bauchi state House of Assembly who are trying to undermine the giant political and economic strides of the Sen. Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed administration that are aimed at taking the state to enviable heights.

We thus call on them to, in the best interest of our dear state and the teeming electorate; stop any efforts at impeaching the leadership of the Bauchi state House of Assembly. This is especially so given the fact that since his inception as Speaker, Hon. Abubakar Y. Suleiman has not only demonstrated capacity to discharge his duties diligently but has also clearly exhibited his determination to make the BAHA a true democratic institution.

Indeed, the honorable members were all elected by the electorates of their various constituencies to protect and defend our democracy. Hence, anything short of that is unacceptable as it counters the precepts of democracy. Therefore, we wish to request them to prioritize the interest of our state and that of their electorate. This is surely not the time for causing political disturbances in Bauchi state.

Rather, this is a time for prayers for the sustainability of the incumbent administration`s determination to holistically overhaul the various sectors of the economy in the state. This is a time to put all hands on deck to free Bauchi state, Nigeria and indeed the world from the contagious Covid-19.

Lastly, we pray to God to grant His Excellency the Governor of Bauchi state and all those affected by the contagious Covid-19 across the world quick recovery.


Seth Francis
Shield for Democracy,
Bauchi state Chapter


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