Big Brother Nigeria: Opium And Trivial Matters Arising

Big Brother Nigeria: Opium And Trivial Matters Arising by Kushi Libi Isaac Exactly 6 days ago the 4th edition of Big brother Nigeria wrapped up and a winner emerged and was rewarded with 60 million naira worth of asset and cash.

To the displeasure of many people, especially conservatives called for the halt and outright ban of the reality TV show citing breach of broadcast codes and ethics and many religious affiliates citing immoral contents and shouldn’t be aired in Nigeria.

But lovers of the showbiz claimed that there was no breach of ethics and therefore its only on satellite cable and not on state television.

Both sides have good arguments to backup their claims but I have many reservations as follows:

Nigeria is a signatory to international cyber space content where it allows free hardcore pornographic pictures and videos to it cyberspace and Nigeria has over 100 million Internet users, and with just a Google search, hardcore porno content is made available on electronic devices with no hindrance or stress.

Many home grown movies shows soft sexual content of which people watch on satellite cable and DVD contents, worst off are foreign movies.

Many music videos both local and foreign are so pornographic and are shown on Music stations including NTA Entertainment channel.

Everyone has his opium and those who chose BBN as one should be respected and most not be vilified by cyber bullying elements and physical bullying folks.

Some have found opium in football, others wrestling, betting, NBA, movies, sports, prayers, fellowship, dancing amongst others.

Nigerian deposit insurance cooperation said Nigerians spends over 753 Billion naira on betting in 2019.
Many people including myself spends hundreds of Naira on weekly basis to watch football, that’s our opium and if someone has found opium in a reality TV show then why claiming holier than though?? Why saying they are wasting their money when they derive aesthetic values from what they watch (BBN).

People say that they are jobless, that Big brother Nigerian participants don’t know them, Good!!! You does Messi, Will Smith, Nas, Ronaldo , Curry, Denzel Washington knows you??

Allow people to watch what they want to, moreover the channel has parental guardian code, you can block it if you have minors or they program is against your norms and values. More so, it is on multiple stations platform, so switch it if you want to.

Another arguments brought by dissenting views of BBN is that they should channel their time to checkmating government instead of watching BBN, that sound logical and right but they should also charge opposition party to live up to their task by standing up against anti masses policies, civil society groups, labour and trade unions too.

Let me conclude by saying that on a personal note I’ve never watch it and not likely to not because of the so called immoral contents but I didn’t find it interesting and not found opium and solace in BBN and movies in general but I owe it as a duty to speak for the vilified because of their choice.

Big Brother Nigeria: Opium And Trivial Matters Arising

Kushi Libi Isaac

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