BobDee Riddle sings ‘Joy To The World’ in Detty December – Paul McPetros

In the entertainment space in Nigeria, this time of the year is tagged “Detty December”. It is the time of the year where artistes headline their own concerts, release  ‘lamba’ music and party-goers have the best time of their lives. Well, the center of this Detty December is Lagos – the hub of entertainment in Africa.
Far away from the busy-ness of the Detty December, BobDee Riddle, a recording and performing artiste from Northern Nigeria is singing “Joy To The World” with the release of his new single.
Joy To The World is a song for the Season. And as known in the Christian circle and among people of other beliefs, Jesus Christ is the Reason for the Season, Christmas.
BobDee Riddle is not your regular artiste. He can easily fit into any genre of music without trying so hard. He’s gifted. The intriguing part of his career is, he lives where his music is made. In his family house in Rafin Zurfi, Yelwa in Bauchi State, him and his younger brother, ShamBee Puzzle make music from their bedroom. ShamBee has been BobDee partner and producer from the very beginning. As teens, they attend and perform at different events together. Sometimes, BobDee preforms the songs and ShamBee is somewhere on the Keyboard or Drums giving rhythms and melodies to the songs.
The combo of these two brothers has always been amazing. But unfortunately, they are not yet living to their full potentials. All things being equal, both brothers should have been a household name in Nigeria. It is a long time coming for these brothers.
BobDee Riddle as an artiste has been experimenting with different genres of music. So far, so good this year, he has proven he’s an artiste with greatness. This year, he released two singles Take It and Blessed –  Afrobeats fused with Rap. Anytime he is on stage performing or ministering these songs in a Church program or outside the Church setting, young people vibe. He has a good stage presence. He is a good performer.
Joy To The World is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) produced by ShamBee Puzzle.


Happy Detty December and Merry Christmas.
Paul McPetros is a Music Business wannabe Executive and a Creative Writer telling the untold stories of the artistes from Northern Nigeria.
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