BSYDA:Drum Support For Hon Abubakar Sulaiman (Dangaladima)

Jun 16, 2019
Ahead of Bauchi state House of Assembly inauguration a pressure Group Bauchi State Youth Democratic Assembly drum support for Hon Abubakar Suleiman (Dangaladima) to emerge as Speaker BAHA.

In a statement Issued by Comr Daure David Yankoli on Behalf of the Group’;may available to pressmen stated that;

There is conflict of interest over which senatorial zone should produce the Speaker,the youth assembly endorsed Hon Abubakar Y Sulaiman to emerge Speaker ahead of other contestants because he represent the symbol of All inclusive and progressive governance inline with aspirations of the people.

We’ve information reaching us,that past Governor and his APC Members elect had meetings to throw their support to Hon Shehu Kawuwa Damina the outgoing Speaker whom they describe as a loyalist of the Former Governor. However, we want to cautioned the members elect to desist from electing Rubber Stamp Leaders who’s interest supersede that of its electorate,which the outgoing Speaker is not an exception of such poor representation.

However,The group throwing its weight behind one of the top contenders,Hon Abubakar Y Suleiman, a new member representing Ningi Constituency in Bauchi Central Zone for people oriented governance and legislation.

Inline with the power- sharing formula for the emergence of a Speaker,not constitutional we’re are not comfortable with the former Speaker returning due to his antecedents in the immediate past administration of Mohammed Abubakar.Likewise majority of the members elect.

The source who spoke in confidence said: “Since the Governor Sen Bala Mohammed is from Bauchi South,his Deputy Sen Baba Tela is from Bauchi North,the Speaker’s seat should be zoned to Bauchi Central Senatorial Zone for equity and Fairness.

We’ve believe our Governor is ready to work with anyone who’ll bring fresh ideas to legislation,therefore, We believe Hon Sulaiman Abubakar will be the perfect catalyst for breaking the barrier of Failure.

“The outgoing Speaker is from Darazo Local Government Area of Bauchi North,and Hon Abubakar Suleiman is from Ningi Constituency of Bauchi Central.

“Though the former Speaker is still in the race but we the electorate are not comfortable with him due to his antecedents in the immediate past administration of Mohammed Abubakar, so we’re calling on members elect to throw their full support behind Hon Abubakar Sulaiman without fear or bias.

He said further with the power- sharing formula, the choice of speaker remains in Bauchi Central but must definitely be from another local government. And Hon Sulaiman Abubakar is the right man for the job.

We’re aware that the former Speaker, who is from Darazo,may capitalise on his incumbency power,but he should be resisted due to his Incapacity and the controversial bill which he passed among few to mentioned…We can’t fold our hands and watch Democracy thwarted because party or selfish interest.

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