LIKES: hanging out with friends, exploring new things, surfin net, driving
DISLIKES: Arguments
The name arico was given ti me by a neighbour who couldn’t pronounce my name “Arhyel” 
anybdy who couldn’t pronounce the name then just called me Arico and that was how i grew up with the name.
2007, i was exploring some softwares inside my desktop computer and i came across windows movie maker, tried laying pictures on the timeline with some background music,added transitions and i was like wow… i just fell inlove with it, i do more of lyrics video then.
i started shooting music video unofficialy in the year 2012, Mr Tims now “Dj Tims” was the first artiste i used fo the trial shoot, then he just got started with the music ish. I also had trial sessions with Viper X of Rock house music , Lil Sain and mix master scopee of Crystal links rec then. I used the footages for my practice.
turned the passion into business in 2013.

Arico receiving BEEMA award plaque 2016 awards.

Arico TV on-set for video coverage

Arico TV on-set for video coverage ( Kalito’s Zan Kira Ka )

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