CCOTW: Hulda Mummy’s Pikin


Real names*** Hulda Nuhu

Stage name*** Mummy’s pikin, local Arewa girl or fat fabulous 

hobbies*** singing, acting, making people laugh and sitting inside water cos i can’t swim! Lol
Turn on*** When I see taliya da Mai da yaji da kunun zaki (spaghetti mixed with red oil and dry pepper together with corn juice)

Turn off*** whenever I’m being misinterpreted and I hate to be disgraced

My career on music and acting***  I started both acting and singing since secondary school, I took it serious and as a profession in 2008 till date hoping to continue to eternity.
Multi talented Hulda won our Beehive Gossips CCOTW contest 3rd edition against all odds. Congratulations to her!!

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