CCOTW:Maria Mark Mshelia

Full name: Maria Mark Mshelia
State of Origin : Borno
Likes: I like honesty, faithfulness, sincerity and lots of good things
Dislikes: I hate lies, dishonesty, wars. I dislike all bad things happening around.
Hobbies: Watching film, dancing and chatting.
Occupation: I’m a student
About Charity Gift-
Charity gift started on the 6th of August 2016, that was on my birthday. I decided to give the money for the cake, drinks and outing instead of doing all those. So I requested that my friends support me with just 100 naira each as a birthday gift, which was also used to purchase the things I took with me to an Orphanage. From there it continued. I love helping the less privileged. I get emotional seeing people suffering. I just had to remember that my little, no matter how little it is, can help someone. I also two other Educational projects. I assisted kids in school by paying their school fees and giving them writing materials. One was in Masaka, Nassarawa state and the other one was here in Bauchi, Dandango community. We hope to do more.
Check out some of her Charity works!!
Kudus to her!!

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