Official graphic design ( cover art ) for HAYE and VBLAIZ new song Kiri kiri ;

Kiri Kiri the new single from VBLAIZ and HAYE is song that comically expresses their desire to do what they know is right and to stand by their belief without minding what society and people will say.
Vblaiz expressed the kind of life he lived before and how heavily sunk into darkness he Was and how joyfully he enjoys the new life he has found. In the new life he sacarstically says he’s gonna catch some fish tonight,meaning he’ll spread the news about the new life he found.
Haye in the second verse presents himself as a surgeon,metaphorically meaning that he’ll put his words and the goodnews he found into your brain kind of like a surgeon working on your brain. He concludes with how boldly he’ll speak about this new found life.
This is the single “KIRI KIRI” a Hausa connotation for boldness and fearlessness. Its a single you’re gonna have on your replay from two unique and great artists. So show some love to them by downloading and sharing the song on all your social media platforms.

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