Ebony Zone pose Adira the secret to true beauty!

Ebonyzone presents another magnificent series, with so much delight and sensational beauty called Adira

Ebony Zone pose Adira the secret to true beauty!

Adira is a feminine Hebrew name meaning Strong it also entails the need for BLACK women, to truly own their superpowers and use their beauty and strength to change the world around them.

The secret to true beauty unveiled by Adira series, is the ability to appreciate yourself & when you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful..
Being comfortable in your own skin.

So, the idea is to reshape your perception on how you view yourself, (BlackLadyLove). Stepping up as a rare Gem and take the Lead..
Stay tuned & be updated.
As *Adira* showcases, all dark shades of African beauty, with the idea to keep modifying our gaze from how we are seen, to how we are seeing..


Photography: Black Bonk

Poetry: Sadiya Denis
Models: Maryam & Faith
Location: Gombe


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