Edris Abdulkareem has no reason to beg, where is the royalties?


Alaba Adeyemi writes; Every creative artist must learn from the recent events happening to some of our musical and artistic legends in Nigeria.

The most recent one, which is heartbreaking is the one that transpired between the current minister of state for labor Mr. Festus Keyamo, and legendary hip-hop artiste Eedris Abdulkareem.

After the release of the remix of his evergreen song Jagajaga where he said in the concluding part that the honorable minister is eating with the Cabal governing the country, the minister responded by sharing the screenshot of messages where the artiste begged him for money to treat his mother and to be connected with top Nigerian politician.

if we are living in a country where copyright laws are strong and where royalties are paid for using people’s songs Edris AbdulKareem should have no reason to beg for money.

His collection of work should be sufficient to make a comfortable millionaire for life but in our country, it is not so, you can spend the entire active years of your life making music and still die broke and wretched. This is so because

1. Pirates will make more money from your sweat than you can ever dream of

2. Radio stations and TV stations will use your songs without paying the necessary royalty.

3. Fellow artists will openly and covertly steal your song and record it without recognizing you as the original owner of the song.             
When you talk about the inhumane treatment done to you, even the members of the public who was supposed to be alarmed at such an act of criminality will ask you to shut up and stop hating on someone who is making it.

We have built for ourselves a  society that hates to reward hard works. Our society glorifies mediocrity nepotism and corruption.

The religious music sector which should have been much more morally upright is the worst. Some gospel artist will drop a 35-minute album and there we no original single track.

There are many popular church praise songs today, that the name of the original composer is not known although they are alive because someone else decided to record their songs without having the morality to give them the credit for doing so.

why should a legendary artist like Edris Abdulkareem beg to treat his sick mother?

Why should we have to open gofundme account to treat men and women who have spent their life doing music and films in our country?

What happened to all the films they acted in?

Where is the royalty from does work?

where is the reward for their sweat?

Thank God today for online streaming platforms where some artists make some money. With the state of the economy now, most artists would have been eating from the dustbin.

It is high time that musicians, comedians, music producers, instrumentalists, and filmmakers get together to determine, how this problem of “monkey works baboon chops” will be eradicated from our creative arts sector.
It’s important to demand the enforcement of the existing laws and to also lobby our legislators to review the existing laws to reflect current realities.

I am tired of seeing musicians and actors being for help from members of the public before they can take care of their health and basic needs like housing.

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