Short Artiste Bio, IIIGee

Aleni George Warren commonly
reffered to as Ill Gee is a record
producer and rap recording
artiste from a small city called
Kampala in Uganda in the heart of
East Africa,

He started his music career at the
age of 15 in 2013 after beings ent out of school for not doing well he went to live in a neighbouring country Rwanda in the Capital of Kigali where the rapper recorded his first song on a laptop and taught himself how to write lyrics on going back to Uganda he went to the studio and dropped his first EP that same year he currently has 4 standard albums and over 6 EP’s and 2 mixtapes the young visionary plans to change the perception of African music and looks to take the scene to a whole new level on the verge of turning 21 the rapper has a swift flow which has helped him manuver through genres and bring out the best both as a producer and an artiste.The rapper previously reffered to as Lil Gee changed his name to Ill Gee after takin a small break from music and refuelling his name Gee he says comes from his name George because when he was young his uncle used to listen to Warren G hence, naming him that and he has been referred to as that ever sinceHis latest single Red Light is a trap club banger which he says he will be releasing a video for soon.





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