Gloria & Phoeniqs Wins Face Of Beehive Caption Contest!


Good morning Guys! finally, the long awaited results of the just concluded FACE OF BEEHIVE CAPTION is ready after days of analysis and Technical review of performances. The contest involved (6 MALE) and (7 FEMALES) making a total of 13 Contestants.
This is how they performed;
01 Joseph (130 votes)
02 Sarah (445 votes)
03 Gy Fashion (355)
04 josephine (332)
05 Amittai (698 votes)
06 Sapphire (284)
07 Just-ice (1097 votes)
08 Grace (1420 votes)
09 Malik (444 votes)
10 Etz Starr (891 votes)
11 Phoeniqs (1,169)
12 Susan (1795)
13 Glory (2139 votes)


Updated final Positions according to highest number of points



Male category
1. Phoeniqs (1169 votes) Winner
2. Just-ice (1097 votes)
3. Amittai (698 votes)
4. Malik (444 votes)
5. Gy fashion (355 votes)
6. Joseph (130 votes)

Female Category
1. Glory (2139 votes) Winner
2. Susan (1795 votes)
3. Grace (1420 votes)
4. Etz Start (891 votes)
5. Sarah (445 votes)
6. Josephine (332 votes)
7. Sapphire (284 votes)


First of all, The entire Beehive Caption will like to thank everyone for their support from day one of this contest to the very last day, the contestants, managers, sponsors, affiliates and those that voted. God Bless you all.

#Note that the permutations of results wasn’t an easy one as the Technical crew had to review every single vote and activity on each contestant’s Photo posted before arriving at the final results.
We have gone through all (it took us a couple of days)
we came up with the following Technical Analysis

1.There was no traces of Automated likes (Generated by BOTs) on any of the contestant’s Votes.

2. Dormant account likes were detected from all Contestants Votes.

3. The fact that every contestant had atleast a couple of Dormant Account votes the need for a special approach arises

4. After a lot of deliberations and Technical inputs by the team, the issues of Dormant Account likes detected were analyzed and found that The likes by dormant Account don’t makeup to 5% of the total vote Hence, it doesn’t influence the outcome of the Results therefore, it is termed negligible and irrelevant meaning (the dormant account vote didn’t influence the winning)

Signed ; Beehive Caption Technical Team.

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