It was an emotionally charged session with outgoing members of the State Executive Council.

1. “I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for what has ever transpired in this government. The only caveat is I am HUMAN. So, I am not bereft of mistakes”.

2. “Whatever you see that has gone wrong from my end, take it that it is as a result of HUMAN FRAILTY”.

3. I have never sat down either alone or in company of my close aides or with anyone of you here to PLAN to CHEAT Bauchi State, I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT, I WILL NEVER DO THAT”.

4. “I have dedicated myself to the betterment of this state. I DON’T HAVE ANY REGRETS”.

5. “I am proud to say that today this government has TOUCHED every facet of the life of the citizens of Bauchi State”.

6. “We re-engineered the civil service and gave them a sense of purpose. For the first time, we ensured PROMPT PAYMENT of salaries”.

7. “Do an analysis of the election, you will know that the good people of Bauchi state SUPPORT APC”.

8. “What has transpired is a SHORT TRAIL”.

9. “I do not hate the people of Bauchi State”.

10. “Before I became Governor, my house was called GOVERNMENT HOUSE FADAMAN MADA simply because of the number of people that used to gather…, everybody was singing my praises because I was helping people…”.

11. “Today as Governor, people call me STINGY. I do not regret that; the reason is that with my own money, I can afford to be generous and even reckless but with your own money that has been placed in trust in my hands, I can not afford to do that. The earlier people learn this, the better for them. It is not stinginess.”

13. “Nobody has ever known me to be STINGY. I have not inherited stinginess”.

14. “I’m only STINGY with PEOPLE’S MONEY because I have to account for it here or hereafter”.

15. “The resources are not even there to be stolen”.

16. ” I have filled the Code of Conduct Form. For my wives, column is empty. For me, my PPS will tell you, there is a single account I had 157 million, today, there is ONLY 4 million in that account. This is a verifiable fact”.

17. “What I have in my salary account, when I started before my 1st salary as Governor went into that salary account, was more than what I have today in that account except for my severance that was paid into that account. But I DO NOT REGRET, if you give me the chance, I’ll do the same again”.

18. “Some Pressmen asked me: at the end of it all, what have you learn from your foray in politics? I said: politics has afforded me the opportunity of knowing the animal called man. I met the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY”.

19. ” Wherever you go, hold ur heads high. We have done our BEST for the good people of Bauchi State”.

21. “I will resume my life as a PRIVATE LAWYER but I’ll continue as the LEADER of APC in Bauchi state In Sha Allah”.

22. “If you have wronged me as Mohammed Abubakar or as Governor of Bauchi state, I have FORGIVEN you”.

Mohammed Abubakar bows out!

Speech delivered 27/05/2019.

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