HON. HASSANA ARKILA: The Icing on Kaura’s Administration

HON. HASSANA ARKILA: The Icing on Kaura's Administration


The trademark across the world for over a century and more has been progressive, despite challenges of war, pandemic, and economic meltdown at intervals. The secret to any great government and governance has been having the right-minded individuals to bring about sustainable and meaningful progressive changes that take a society to the so-called peak of development.


The Kaura administration appointed a woman with a warm heart and masculine guts, who have repeatedly exhibited strength towards the greater and common good of humanity. Pope Francis will say “It is now, more than ever necessary that political leaders be outstanding for honesty, integrity, and commitment to the common good”. It is in that light, Sen. Bala brought Hon. Arkila into the flock of progressives for indeed the common good of Orphans and vulnerable children across the state. Henry Kissinger opined that “what political leaders decide, intelligence services tend to seek to justify. The achievements of Hon. Arkila since her appointment in 2019 has justified the decision of Kaura appointing her as the solace to those who are without a sense of belonging. She has allowed herself to feel as well as think as Gold Meir suggests in his written thoughts thus, the state is a happier place to a commendable level above most odds

The sole purpose of leadership is having the capacity to translate vision into reality, the leadership style of Hon. Arkila has been that of a servant stepping up to avail comfort to her masters the orphans and vulnerable children.

The Agency (BASOVCA) she heads, has been in the past a corridor for embezzlement and selfish intentions. The effectiveness of the office was sadly absent which against what knowledgeable people like Peter Drucker will suggest

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes”.

The results are quite visible across the circle of her job jurisdiction and frankly, numerous lives have been touched, changed, and transformed in line wither personal aged established vision as a woman and a mother, equally with Gov. Bala Mohammed’s vision of carrying everybody along despite social inadequacies.

Similarly, under the stewardship of Hon. Arkila Hassana, the BASOVCA has been able to enroll over 4500 children across the state into the various levels of education. This singular effort has to score progressive points for the Kaura administration in line with the educational goals of the United Nations 2020, which is education for all and reduction of out of school children. This has been possible with the cooperation of education authorities within the state. Also, the agency was able to produce two sets of school uniforms for each child, writing materials, books, and school bags.

The orphanages across the state are in better shape than before with renovation work either done or ongoing. Modern facilities have been put in place for the orphans to enjoy the good things of life. Orphanages now have recreational facilities, a good feeding routine, better health care services, and of course reliable security and social integration plans which will span for 25 years until a child is able to be self-reliant. A Skill acquisition plan for the older children has been put in place to inculcate in them the act of self-reliance in a world of limited white-collar vocational opportunities.

Hon. Arkila has not only to limit herself to her official functions but has also provided relief materials to her home constituency of Bogoro during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and also farming inputs of fertilizer, insecticides, pesticides, bagging sacks, packaging threads, and more. Widow groups have received donations of relief materials, business capitals, etc. As a proud Zaar woman, she has played various roles of reconciliation and promotion of her culture. She has always expressed the desires and loyalty of her tribe to his Excellency Sen. Bala Mohammed.



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The act of generosity of “Maman Marayun’ Bauchi has gone news before her which has earned her and the agency numerous awards notably is the “Award of Excellence” by JOJERAH MULTIMEDIA during the 2020 FIST OF WORDS event in which Gov. Bala and Other well-meaning individuals are notable beneficiaries.

Hon. Arkila Hassana has since been conferred the title of “Nasara Marayu” which translates as the “victory of every orphan” by the masses of Bauchi state.


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