I paid Hypeman despite not completing the job, Dqueen reacts

DQueen, on a talk with her has discussed the whole scenario of what transpired between her and HypeMan Ayo stating clearly that he bridged their agreement as their was no definite amount of payment and no specific date of payment too.


SUNDAY GIST:Hypeman drags DQueen for non payment


She made available to Beehive Gossips  proof of payment made to HypeMan contratry to his accusation of not being paid.

What really happened?

After finishing it Half Way he started demanding for urgent payment to be made to him contrary to what was discussed. infact there was no specific fee only but a token was to be given to him as an appreciation and upon all these he accepted and decided to do the work anyways… So why the accusations now when you totally agreed to do the work with no specific payment date in th first place.
With lot of issues on deck, he was told to wait a little but as intolerant And impatient plus no understanding human he is.. he decided to use it as a leverage to talk trash and made publicly what he know isn’t true and even went to the of extent of calling me dubious and all… Which you can now judge for yourself since you know the actual truth of what transpired.

Even at that, the payment has being already made to him with a debit proof to Olamide Olini in person of HypeMan which he can’t stand to deny but still however sees it fit to go about breeding incubated lies against her.
Disclaimer, any words said against DQueen by HypeMan Ayo is in an attempt to spoil her name and nothing else, and what joy is there in that act of wickedness?

Is such a wicked world indeed May God help Us All

What do you think about this whole situation now that the two has spoken ?

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  1. Imagine, this hypeman is just a disgrace to all hypemen, he’s not even ashamed bringing issues on media cause of 1k..

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