The Realm Vocals 

Realm vocals is a gospel music group comprising of 4 talented young guys from different tribes and voices. based in bauchi trying to achieve similar goal (preaching the gospel of Christ through music). the group was formed in December, 2016 by school mate ”J’strums, T-mike, Josh-Bee. later on in the year 2017 Yak-Son joined the group making it a quartet.The realm vocals are into divers genre of music ranging from worships, dance and RN’B gospel music. the group later on release their first album “Shout For Joy” in march 26th 2018. at “Agape Christian Worship Center” Bauchi, the album comprises of 7 tracks written and performed by all members of the group. production credit goes to DJ Ku(Blessed Records).

Discography: SHOUT OF JOY ‘2018 (7 tracks)
Upcoming Singles: Araba Ribiti
Release Date: 7th September, 2018.
Group Mentor: Hillsong
State: Bauchi


(1) T-mike (Michael Moses)


D.O.B: 3rd July
State of Origin: Ondo
L.G.A: Oka
Hobbies: Singing and Playing Football
Mentor :Nathaniel Bassey

Tmike first experience music in 2014
When he was rapping with friends for fun, and he recorded his first song at Kds records in 2014 (Christmas song). Which features Mizbanqs, Phoenix and Josh-bee. But later on switched to singing and left rapping for good before forming the group Realm vocals with his school mates In 2016.

(2)Josh-Bee (Josiah Isheni)

D. O. B: 24th April
Occupation : Student
State of Origin: Bauchi
L. G. A: Bogoro
Hobbies: singing and watching
Mentor : Travis Greene

Josh-Bee first experience music in 2014 when he was still a rapper too and he recorded his first song at Kds records 2014 (Christmas song) which features Mizbanqs, Phoenix and T.Mike. But later on he switched to singing and they formed the group “Realm vocals”  in the year 2016 with his school mates.

(3) Yak-son (Yeldah Yakubu)

D. O. B: 24th June
Occupation: Student
State of Origin: : Bauchi
L. G. A: Bogoro
Hobbies :Singing and Charting
Mentor :Travis Greene

Yak-son first experience music in the year 2017 after he joined the group, that was when he sang the song “lion and the lamp” at Kds records which features Josh-Bee, J’strums and T.mike. Although ever since he was little he had interest in music.

(4) J’strums (Jude kefas zabs)

D. O. B: 11 December
Occupation : student
State of Origin: Boi
L. G. A: bogoro
Hobbies: singing and reading
Mentor : Victoria Orenze

J’strums first experience music in the year 2017 when he joined the group “Realm vocals”  although he has been writing so many songs with the hope and dream of singing them someday. Even when he he was not a member of any group then, he sang his first song “lion and the lamp”  at Kds records in 2017  after he joined the group.

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