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Lendo is a Positive Disruptor – Pedro Songs; So today I had the honor of being part of a podcast with the the famous Josh Ghani and Lendo at the Lendo Store. The store stands out, I couldn’t help but get me some things.

I only went to visit a brother and it turned out to be an awesome experience. Lendo has always shown the capacity to do it first even when no one thought it was possible. I have watched him closely over the years with admiration as he plays his part in reshaping the story of our dear state Bauchi.

#LP: The Warm Up Series 1

Believe it or not Bauchi seems to be taking a good lead in the northern music industry and Nigerian entertainment industry as a whole. I think Bauchi youths are showing commitment in their engagements especially on social media to bring positive change in our society. It is a fact that the digital space is bigger than we can imagine, podcasts will bring a lot of positive change to young people especially in Bauchi State.



We get to talk about issues that matter to us, the opportunities it will bring are limitless. As the digital space is taking over Radio stations and with online radio platforms. No one can deny that this is a good time to be alive. Lendo is doing well to change the narrative and if you have followed him over the years you will see why.

On the podcast today we were able to talk about so much, this can be streamed on icloud, I was lucky enough to get Lendo to tell us why he decided to take his path. He has an inspirational story, when the podcast is ready please endeavour to listen. Lendo we are proud of your journey thus far, and as we stand together on this journey we will be unstoppable. I hope to be on the podcast some more especially after the official launch. Cheers…


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Lendo is a Positive Disruptor – Pedro Songs

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