LIBISPEN: Contemporary Feminism, A Mental Disorder!

LIBISPEN: Contemporary Feminism, A Mental Disorder!
First Pregnant Man, Thomas Beatie in the world alongside Ophrah PC: Google

Gender equality is a utopian rhetoric champion by deluded people who couldn’t distinctively distinguish between equity and equality!!

Those championing equality in gender should also champion equality



You might call me a misogynist but feminists were champions of anti-decriminalization of women in the society base on gender rather than competence, capacity, and productivity.


What we have now are women who hate men in the name of feminism.


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They no longer buttress their activism through dogged campaigns and championing a good course on why women should be absorbed into the society without prejudice but they embark on militant approach and identity fault lines with anyone who holds contrary opinion base on logic and not necessarily on cultural dogmas and religious affiliations.

LIBISPEN: Contemporary Feminism, A Mental Disorder!
Thomas Beatie alongside his Child and wife

A clear open example is you shout equality for rights without shouting equality in responsibility. For example, school fees, house rent, food, bills such as Heath, light, water and other utility bills are ” man’s responsibility ” gender equality proponents should also advocate for equal responsibility of such.

To be continued

Freedom is more than a right, it is an absolute necessity if we are ever going to achieve a truly civilized and balanced society. It is an evolutionary requirement for the human race, and we must move evolve, adapt and survive, or continue this interminable slouch towards extinction.

I’m Libi and this is my observation

Written By Kushi Libi Isaac
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