Lyrics: Jos Hawk The Viper – Joe Craze

“I’ll say some uncomfortable facts to show his fans their GOAT is really a rat”
“You claim helping people who are struggling to make it (hmm)
Well Jesse is struggling to make it”
(Vector – Judas The Rat)
“Jealously Jealousy fuck your legacy up, yeah”
(M.I Abaga – The Viper)

Crazy men, you taking shots at my nigga
You’re claiming you’re truth telling on M
But Jago, my Nigga just sit back right! (hehe)
I’m gone take it from here
Joe Craze in the building
You know what V.E.C means?
Very Elementary Cow! – Huh
I’m Dalai Larma mixed here with a lil Osama
Here comes your Karma, Dead vibes your Grand mamas
V.E.C ya wanna D.I.E?
Man I’ll put you in the trenches like you been hit by trees whoa!
Jay! Damn here I’m a fucking killer Bee
Hit you with the Bars leave you nude like the strippers be
Lyrically y’all lame, the fame you can’t sustain
Now you wanna take shots at the king just to get in the game
Buh fuck that, the culture won’t take that
You claim you the king where’s the following? where your crown at?
Alaye please step back, before Jag of all trades will clap back
I’m serious when he claps back, Y’all wouldn’t like that – huh!


I’m real and classy like I’m beat by Dre
The heat I spray, Niggaz get skinned by Jay!
Put openings in ya like you’ve been hit by a train
Ya be begging on your knees
like you’ve been cursed by Jay! – City against Gidi the sin city
We made ya all listen carefully and spin with it
This raw skillz we do come with it like Bruce Willis, I’m mean with it!
The papa jones with syphilis
You know your girl could be ma spoils of war
In that BQ I’mma come and do it raw like I’m the number 4
The Body bags are ready, my niggaz are ready
Yeah we come and do it raw like number 4 here, yeah
Emancipate you from this shit Abraham Lincoln
I’m real with this shit to make your squad here limping
You shouldn’t rap hommie you should be your baby sitting
How can a G.O.A.T be a rat? lame transition
If a G.O.A.T be a rat then my nigga Jerry keeps winning
You toothless viper Tom keeps chasing
Dan iska munafikin banza
Ka zo gaban mu da zagi, ka ji ragon laiya
Dan jakan hajiya, Zakara mara chara
Ai sai da hikima akan iya kama bera
Take heed viper the hawk has come
Don’t you play possum, advice: its better you run
Wait for your turn, time will surely carry you along
Show true love and time will ring the alarm
Fight M if you want to, but don’t do Jaga

Jos Hawk The Viper – Joe Craze (Vector Diss)

You called the Nigga your Nigga buh you spilled out his Swagger
What part of the game is that? Nigga you a liar!
Nigga you aint Real, Nigga Retire!
You were wrong, the viper song got you humbled
You lost your Jay Zee tune all you have is new trouble
Funeral time on the list yeah, you’re number 1 (hehe)
For your lame fans now its time to mourn
Seriously from this over here, mehn I aint kidding!
Fingers itching, death wishing I been thinking
In the kitchen critical styles I been cooking
CDQ, you niggaz aint rappers you Style Bitching (hehe)
Yo niggaz are rapping you just came with a tribal thing
Nah mehn that’s crazy you know
But that aside you know V.E.C I got what you tryna do
Kill 2 birds with a stone
You tryna true tell on MI and you’re dissing Jesse that’s crazy
We Jay city won’t take that!
He left Lagos for Ondo and Jay town
Where’s the Nigga from? you know
You don’t come at that like that
Niggaz you aint Real, we gave you who you are
So listen to who we are, you know!
That’s how we roll over here
Fuck yall niggaz anywhere, any other Fucking day
I’m out!


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