MCPETROS HUB: Monetize Your Art Ep.1

Sometimes ago I preached about monetizing your art. And I can thumb suck some peeps didn’t decipher the sermon. Well, as much as I’m an advocate of buy and selling; I still recognize the law of demand and supply.

An artist made a banging track using a a laptop, a pirated recording software, a four-channel console, a keyboard and a microphone. Or maybe he/she is rich enough to pay for the services of a dope producer.

What kind of release is the song? Is it a remix? Is it an original song? A cover or a mixtape?

Note: Remix; cover and mixtape are all different concepts; they are not synonymous. I will talk about them in another post.

Is the release going to be for free, donation, sale or the whole three? These three ( free, donation and sale) have their pros and cons.

An unknown or unpopular artist with no street credibility, no followers, no connects should not think of monetizing his/her art at the early stage of his/her career. Who’s going to buy/purchase his/her art? You see… At this stage the best an artist can do is to give his/her contents for free. This would help to generate loyal fans/followers.

While a popular artist is in a place to monetize his/her art cause he/she has goons (fans) that are willing to pay for his/her art. Or he/she could decide to give it for free. This is at his/her discretion.

The artist priority might to encourage people; bless souls and not for the money. But hey, the artist needs money to pay bills.

Dear artist, understand your stage of development before monetizing your art. It is folly to supply without demand. Peace.

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