MUSIC: KINGS & QUEENS ||LemuelKnight

KINGS & QUEENS ‘ is an incredibly written song, commencing with  few seconds into /sample; but once the beat comes in and the keyboard and kicks wash over you , you ‘re practically at Lendo as he spits away. It ‘s a dope start the chorus is as big as any he ‘s ever written. so far so good there is nothing about Lendo that isn’t anthemic or summery.  It ‘s him alone with Beehive Kings and Queens on the instrumental as stripped down as he gets , but as cohesive a song as any he ‘s written.
On a Serious note Lendo has finally cemented his position as Street Legend injecting his youthful effervescence into a musical landscape that can take things far too seriously .
In series of messages dropped by knight in early hours of toast 1st August



Dear #KingsAndQueens
I don’t know if #KingsAndQueens is the greatest song I have written it’s actually hard to pick one out of very many songs but I tell you it is actually one of the most fulfilling songs I have ever written and recorded cos it came straight from my heart, Honestly I was thinking about you (all my friends) and how we can actually make this world a better place for ourselves and even our children And you guys just killed the song with those amazing voices you sent me to sample for the record. I am humble and overwhelm I waited a long time to play this record for you guys finally today is the day @ 12noon I will share the link kindly download,
I will pray as you listen you understand what am saying on the record. We are born Kings and Queens and so we are great people obligated to RULE, let us help others discover their crown and even help them put it on.

Yours sincerely
#KingsAndQueens #BeehiveSalad #Next2Mic



SOUND TRACK- choice of instrumentation was perfected. Kudus to Lendo

Two verses from the Emcee seems less by his standards I’m sure he wanted more but come on man this ain’t 3 miles stunts,we already have 6 mins and 23 seconds for the song  regardless one more verse will have perfected the whole song. lyrics where on point thou. most notable lyrics that will surely gain one’s attention

– when you don’t break the law you live way above the bar (highest peak of lyrical waxation on this record, lendo is such a prolific lyricist with dope relatable  punchlines

-we are kings and queens the street is our palace
This lines is a further proof that Lemuel knight is all about the streets. on this record he crowns everyone as kings and queens so legendary lendo is surely a KNIGHT!!!!!

and finally the highest and realest point of this records
The voice notes from crowned  Kings and Queens with over 50 royal fams and friends.
And lots of lines
Check out the full songs lyrics by Clicking Here

Overall its 4.5/5 ratings.
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