Need to step up your style game? Follow these fashion bloggers on the ‘gram

These stylish men will teach you one or two things about fashion through their style.

Male fashion bloggers you should be following [Credit: Instagram/ Denola Grey]

Fashion bloggers are getting more recognized in today’s fashion industry and it’s also one of the thriving career options for men that love fashion.

From menswear designers and fashion bloggers to stylists, Nigerians are stepping up in the fashion scene and we can’t help but acknowledge them. These fashion bloggers have found a way to develop their careers over the years, from just posing photos to building a brand.

These men take risks that transform the stereotypes in the fashion industry, thereby, turning them to trends. Now, there’s no rule to the fashion game.

In no particular order, here are some of the male fashion bloggers that got our attention.

1. Noble Igwe

Noble Igwe made us fall in love with Ankara shorts on men [Credit: Instagram/ Noble Igwe]

Instagram/ Noble Igwe

Noble igwe is no doubt one of the foremost fashion and lifestyle bloggers. He has successfully carved a niche for himself in the fashion industry and we can say it’s really working for him. If you want to know how to rock Ankara and other traditional outfits, you should follow Noble Igwe on Instagram. He has over 200k followers on Instagram.


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2. Denola Grey

Denola Grey is such an eye candy [Credit: Instagram/ Denola Grey]

Instagram/ Denola Grey

Popularly known as the prince of style, Denola Grey is someone approaches fashion as a form of art. Denola is without doubt one of the most popular names in the Nigerian fashion and lifestyle industry. His style, personality and perceptions of fashion have influenced the style and carriage of many other youths in the country. You should follow him if you want to step up your fashion game. Denola has over 100k followers on Instagram and counting.

3. Akin Faminu

Akin Faminu is the king of fashion [Credit: Instagram/ Akin Faminu]

Instagram/ Akin Faminu

Have you seen a person who has a degree in medicine but is killing it in the fashion scene? That person is Akin Faminu. He graduated from the University of Lagos in 2018. Akin Faminu is a popular face at many events in Lagos. His creativity and style is expressed on his Instagram page and website. With a huge followership of over 70k on Instagram and ambassadorship from various big brands like woodin fashion, Jumia and more, Akin Faminu is without argument a top catch in the Nigerian menswear fashion scene.

4. Igee Okafor

Igee Okafor shows his creativity through his style [Credit: Instagram/ Igee Okafor]

Instagram/ Igee Okafor

Igee okafor is that fashion blogger that creates conversation about the growth of the fashion culture with his style. Okafor was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria but spent some time studying in Paris and Spain before moving to the US to further his education in Business and Marketing at St. John’s University. Igee Okafor has collaborated with toop names and brands both nationally and internationally like Todd Snyder, Timex, Stella Artois, Stacy Adams, Gentleman’s quarterly(GQ), Daniel Wellington and a lot more. You should totally check him out on Instagram.

5. Bidemi Adedeji

Bidemi Adedeji brings new trends into the fashion industry [Credit: Instagram/ Bidemi Adedeji]

Instagram/ Bidemi Adedeji

Bidemi Adedeji is one of those who have found their styles and is no doubt influencing the style of other young people in the society of today. Bidemi Adedeji has been in the fashion scene for some years and has established a level of recognition by working with various brands and celebrities like Yemi Alade and many more. Bidemi runs various businesses all inclined towards the fashion scene, he runs a modern day fashion and lifestyle blog with many interesting fashion editorials.

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