Nigerian Christians Should Keep Quiet And Look Inwards – Alaba Adeyemi


I have read many reactions from home Nigerian Christians about Netflix and the movie which portrayed Jesus Christ as a homosexual.

I find most of this noise extremely disgusting and born out of a deeply pretentious, myopic and hypocritical heart.

In my own capacity, I am a stakeholder in Gospel music and movie production and I understand the challenges and Dynamics of that sector of Christian evangelism.

Nigerian Christian spend all their time ranting and complaining about secular music and movies yet do not buy gospel films and gospel songs.

Isn’t it the intelligent option in life to always put your money where your mouth is?

Isn’t it the most logical approach to finance what you believe in?

More than 90% of those who are full-time gospel film producers are extremely broke.

More than 95% of gospel musicians in Nigeria are living in abject poverty.

The simple reason for this is the fact that, despite leaving in a country with the fastest growth in Christian population on the planet the Nigerian gospel music artists and movie producer suffers from serious and obviously chronic lack of patronage.

If you have to produce a gospel film today, one of the challenges you are most likely going to have is that Christians will not allow you to use their house for a movie shoot. I once directed a Christian movie where we had to convert most of the interior scenes to exterior because we could not find Christians who are willing to open their doors to Christian brothers to use their sitting room as a movie location.

I have been privileged to also record two Gospel albums and I know many artistes who have at least one album. Aside the copies sold on the day of the launching and the ones sold at church events most of the copies of CD are either shared for free or left to gather dust on the shelf of music marketers.

I know many secular Artistes who started as gospel Artistes. I know many young talent in Akure where I live, who started as gospel drama ministers but have gone to join the Yoruba movie sector because they felt disorientated, having seen the challenges and the pains people, who are trying to preach the gospel using music and movies go through, without obvious financial benefits for their sweat.

The United States of America and Canada, which many Nigerian Christian leaders usually use as examples of places that has lost their christian values are still the highest contributor to missionary works and charity works everywhere across the globe.

The Nigerian Christian only talks but does not act.

Many of our frontier missionaries are left stranded in the field with no one to cater for them and their need.

Let us leave Netflix alone, that company is too small to threaten our faith. Christianity has survived more ferocious, vicious and draconian onslaught Christianity Will survive Netflix.

The greatest threat to the survival of the Christian Faith is not from the outside it is from the inside.

The greatest threat to our faith today is not from a movie making organisation but from the clergy and laity within our camp.

We cannot continue to talk and pretend about fundamental issues like evangelism and mission and begin to shadow box an enemy that does not really exist.

You who is currently Reading this piece, how many Christian movies have you watched this year? how many Christian music have you bought this year?

When was the last time you downloaded a Christian movie?

When was the last time you opened your door for a Christian movie to be shot in your house?

When was the last time you helped a missionary?

How many people have you preached the gospel to this year?

We must thank God for the life of men of god like pastor Chris Oyakhilome and most recently Rev Esther Ajayi who are supporting Gospel music and drama ministers but the number is not sufficient.

How many of us bye gospel songs on iTunes and other pay sites where artists can actually make money from their work?

Alaba Adeyemi is the president of the conference of gospel artistes of Nigeria.

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