Northern Blogger, Josh Ghani Slams twitter user @Dina_Waziri over Hausa hip-hop tweets

Northern Blogger, Josh Ghani Slams twitter user @Dina_Waziri over Hausa hip-hop tweets

Reacting to the tweet made by the user, Josh Ghani went rout on a 1:47 secs recorded voice slamming @Dina_Waziri over her tweets.

She tweeted;


Hausa Hip-hop should be banned for God sake.

These Unhealthy musicians should rest, I’m tired of the noise. 2days ago


Josh Ghani as qouted said;


  • I was very very disappointed when i saw the tweet especially that it’s coming from someone from the north? It’s very very disappointing. I think the whole hip hop community in the north deserves an apology, what she did was disgraceful, uncalled for and very very harsh to the Hip-hop community.
  • You can’t come out and condemn people trying to make a living out of nothing ? how many jobs opportunities have you provided for the young guys that are doing hip-hop ? How many ? you will come out condemning and saying they should be banned, Are you being fair?
  • Please lets tell ourselves the truth if there is a certain group of hip-hop you have listened to and you were disappointed you should call out their names but you shouldn’t come out and condemn somethimg that people have been trying to build for many years
  • Do you know how many people feed on hausa hip-hop ? Do you know how many people are employed because of hausa hip-hop? Are you being fair to those people doing good Hausa Hip hop?
  • Your post is  absolute thrash I can say this to your face so many times, you should apologize to the whole Hausa Hip hop community.


Such negative vibes are stunting the growth of our industry.

check out the thread on twitter below…


Hausa hip hop should be banned for God sake. These unhealthy musicians should rest, I’m tired of the noise.

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I no go blame u 4 dis ur tweet, it seems like u gat no interest to it

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The more hip-hop the more students that will be influenced to be violence and try drugs.

The whole thing is trash. I don’t buy it.

Do you buy music at all?

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So right.

Thank you.

Jun 22

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But you can listen to Olamide or Phyno spitting Yoruba or Igbo throughout their songs without understanding a word! Shift abeg

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Move to Saudi Arabia. This is the type of limited mentality they’re looking for 😂

Jun 21

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Get yourself a good earpiece

Su kuma saran su ci gaba da shirme su ko? Ba ku da kishi… 😏

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Stop listening to their songs

Jun 21

Ko kaima zaka fara neh😂?

If they dislike something su a Dole abun is trash kaman ansasu Dole su saurari abun

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I’ll go with u let’s start this protest I hate all this nonsense 😒

Sorry 😂😂

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Harsh but true😅

Lol yeah

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The auto tune is solo annoying

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