PDY: LENDO VS ABEL UGADA- Abeg na who get the kele (Anointed OCHE)???

BeeHive Celebrities No De Seize To amaze country people o,now abeg make una help me wonder on top dis our naked matter…..
I been wan ask D question only me but something wey dey ma inner inside ask me say make I Kpomkpe (Calm Down),like play like play tory don Dey full we ear like dirty water wey Dey Faro Bottle but now na correct photo na him we get for una to give una eye Ogbenge (Better) food chop
Shey una know ANNOITED wella? For people wey no know am,she be artist wey dey yarn word (spoken word)
The thing wey we no understand be say,na who be her boy friend, abi I suppose ask say na who get the Kele (Bae) between Rap heavyweight Lendo (lemuelknight) and king of drama Abel Ugada? ..As our KoroKoro eye dey shine like police man torch,dey see,she get two photo with mista Abel and she com get one with lendo the thing wet come dey disturb us be say she come write sweet sweet word caption am for Abel birthday as she upload 3 photo. Abel even dey take snap wit her for him arms for photo studio and I know say dem pay cash as studio work no be for free…

Traditional wedding?? 
Pre- wedding shots??? 

Abel! Abel !! Abel !!! How many times u hear ma voice dey call u? If u know say she be lendo kele (Bae) make u do quick free am b4 lendo go vex turn Cain and kill u the second time o coz e be like say Lendo don vex with (Anointed) ontop why she snap upload with Abel. Na hin be say e vex the rapper wey  she come  upload Lendo photo. Check am here

Lendo & Anointed happy mood

Lendo ! Lendo !! Lendo!!! How many times wey u dey hear ma tiny voice de holla ur name so? If u dey inside your bunk (house) dey read dis,abeg if no be ur kele (bae) abeg make u free am o before u go freeze am with oyinbo langwa (english)
The main main question be say ABEG NA WHO GET THE KELE? We know say one of una dey date am like calendar BUT NA WHO???????

             Uhmm.  Could this be love???

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