Project Number 7, Lemuel Knight Brags!


Superstar Lendo is always vocal when it comes to project count in the hive, today wasn’t an exception as he continues with the bragging rights!

Lemuel Knight posted on his Facebook timeline this morning as see below…

This appears to be one of his promotional strategies everyone knows how trickish he could be when it comes to project build ups and promotions.


Lemuel Knight currently has 6 projects to his name which can only be rival by the likes of BOC Madaki (5 projects including a collaborative one with the concept man),IB (3 projects), Kalito (3 projects), Khalid Jones (2 projects), Marz Prince (2 projects), Cino Wayne (2 projects) , Cman (2 projects), Genesis (2 projects), Lilj (2 projects), Spunks EDA (2 projects), Mr Plan3r (2 including a collaborative project with Seekbeats)  and others with debuts.

What do you think about this?

Is Lemuel Knight right or he should just lock up?




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