Radio presenter call a married woman having s*x with another man on live program!

Listeners on a radio program in a popular FM station in Akure where shocked beyond words last week when a supposed love call ended up in an unexpected situation.

As it is the practice of many radio stations in Nigeria, the radio station Crest fm 87.7 Akure, has a program where lovers give their partners number to the presenter to help them put a call across to him or her, with the aim of telling their partner how much they love and cherish him or her.

However last week on the program, the first person who was called was a married woman who resides in Ado Ekiti why the husband works in Akure.

But the matter took an unexpected twist when the sound coming from the other end showed that the woman was in the middle of an amorous and passionate sex with another man. The moaning and groaning was loud and clear, leaving the listeners in no doubt of what was actually taking place over there.

At first the presenter thoughts he had dialled the wrong number, I checked the number and dialled again but the response from the other end remained the same.

Then the presenter comically ended the call by saying “the brother that called us kindly take note that your wife who you expected us to call is currently consuming peppery suya”

The video of the live streaming of the radio program is attached to this article.

Although the program is in Yoruba language but anyone who watched the video will understand the sequence of events.


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