This article is coming in two dimensions, first we write about the negative Effect of Internet to mordern day relationship then in our next publication we will write about the positive impacts so that at the end of the day we will Be left with facts established  from the article ” INTERNET & RELATIONSHIP COEXISTENCE ” as we all know there is nothing in life without advantages & disadvantages and is only left for one to choose based on majority carry the vote anology . if the advantage is high then go for it.

Personally, I have had a decent amount of experience with internet relationships and even though they didn’t work out, I can still appreciate a good internet relationship and I don’t hate them.
Keep in mind this is my personal opinion so it may not apply to you at all or differ from your experiences, internet relationships are more emotional for many reasons

BIGGEST threat to present day relationships

Relationships are like,one of the pillars of life. Whether parent-children relationships, siblings or even friends relationship,these are all things that make the world go round. With the invention of the internet and social media,relationships became better and stronger,or so we thought
I mean,people could communicate with friends long lost or leaving far away. But with that advancement comes trouble,few of which I’d talk about

Losing the connection:
No doubts technology is good, but connection are easily lost. People only speak over the phone so basically they tend to connect,making it seems like a genuine thing but it might be hard to do so in real life. Likewise,when people are together they tend to connect but just a phone call or a message can cause the parties involved to lose the connect. I for one seriously hates it when I’m talking with a someone and the person is fiddling with his/her phone or making a call,that’s so disrespectful,seriously. Drop the phone till we are done or excuse yourself but the connect is gone definitely.

Public Display of Affection: 
Mr A,B,C are so in love or so you think,just because their timelines are filled with pictures and posts directed at their spouse. Excuse me but until the divorce was almost finalised we thought Toke Makinwa had an amazing marriage. It’s not how much you post about your partner that proves your love,that’s why relationships suffer. People don’t always understand that. I’ve said it and I’d repeat it,public display of affection does not equal love,not always anyways.

Seeing before hearing: 
It shows I’m online,you sent me a message,shows I’ve read it and you are now angry with me. Did I see the message,maybe. Was I free enough to respond,probably not. Am I really online,sure. But was I active at that point,possibly not. Don’t let everything you see online fool you. Its not all the time that a person is online and active,so give them the benefit of doubt. That has cost me two friends so I understand how annoying it can be when you start going on and on about how much I’m ignoring you,i am not please. Hear your partner out else you’d let the social media will ruin your relationship.

Public vs private
I’m particularly passionate about this one. I’m a private person,I love doing things without causing commotion or jam,my partner might not be, so if I don’t post about him(I definitely won’t) and he loves the publicity it would cause issues. This is like one of the biggest threats because you stand the risk of being accused of cheating,point blank.

The fine line:
I hate even discussing this one,a simple hello can end relationships, how?
So that ex or admirer sends hi and from there things start spiralling out of control with boo or bae thinking you’re flirting or cheating without hearing your part.

Snooping/the social media detective
Do not go through your partners timeline if you know you can’t handle what you’d end up seeing. Everyone has a past,don’t recruit yourself a detective just to give yourself heartache. Do not snopp also,that’s creepy,i’m serious,you have an issue,deal with it but don’t snoop. 
That’s all I’d be touching,I wish I could stay Away from the internet but I l love it so here are a few tips on maintaining a healthy relationship
Silence your phone when with people,don’t fiddle with it. Attend to only the important stuffs,at the risk of going back to square zero
Hear your partner out before concluding you’re being ignored
Talk about your relationship,private or public,you decide. But you can also agree to disagree. If you want to be all up on the media fine but I’m not a party. That’s a good bargain I think.
Do not snoop,deal with the issue by asking for clarification,I no talk say make you go fight am abeg,there are nice ways to clear the air
Have a blessed day
Join us next week for the part 2

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