Open letter to Executive Governor of BAUCHI State, Sen. Bala Mohammed

by Comr. David Daure Yankoli.

His excellency,
The Executive Governor Of Bauchi State.



It is with great honour and regard that I am writing this letter to you as indigene and a stake holder in the affairs of Bauchi State who share the same aspirations of a great future of Bauchi State. My letter is not political,Rather burn out of genuine passion and concern for the development of education in Bauchi state, and hence my desire to bring to your notice the concern of my immediate community Kagadama,Yelwan Tudu in Birshi-Miri Ward Of Bauchi State.

I am a social entrepreneur, with focus on the delivery of democratic dividend.I believe education is the greatest gift one can bequeath to children, because it is the most effective tool for change.

The people of KAGADAMA-YELWAN TUDU clearly voted for you and the PDP overwhelmingly during the 2019 general elections believing in your capacity to bring the needed change to their community and the State at large,the people chose performance against non performance progress against retrogression which was the hallmark of the previous administration.

Sir,GDSS Baban Takko Yelwan Tudu kagadama* was established during the Military Administration of Group captain Theophilus Bamigboye,the school was shut down in year 2007 following students unrest.

But instead of the then administration to look into the immediate and remote causes of the crises to find a lasting solutions to the problem,they chose to throw away the baby with the bath water, closing the school indefinitely at the detriment of the children’s future, the community and the state at large.
As a result of that singular decision of government, a community of over 50,000 inhabitants in the state capital is left alone without a school for their children for no known reason by the government of that time.

Whether government actions then was rational, religious or ethnic is a matter I am appealing to his excellency the Executive Governor of Bauchi State to look into it with a view to reopening the school again to alleviate the sufferings of students,parents and guardian who struggle to pay transportation for their children to attend school in distance and remote locations.

Excellency sir,Another negative consequence/ implications of the closure is that, teachers who were hitherto supposed to be employed in the school would have reduced the number of unemployed teachers we have in the state now, The petty business women who cook for the student’s to eat during break are out of business for the past 12yrs, non academic staff that would have been employed too, such as cleaners, security guards, etc are denied work opportunity as a result of the closure.

Finally,I call on the state government to set up a high powered fact finding committee which will include government officials,ministry of education,religious leaders in the state and the immediate community,traditional rulers in the state and the affected community,opinion leaders,Civil society organisations to unearth the immediate and remote causes and recommend ways to tame any future occurrence. Additional classroom blocks should added to the current structures by converting the building to storey on each of the existing blocks to accommodate more students, this will go a long way in addressing shortage of class rooms where children attend morning and afternoon school instead of the morning session.
Thank you sir.

Your’s the people’s Comrade
Daure David Yankoli(YungBoss)
03/03 /2020

Hon Commissioner of Education
Hon Danlami A Kawule(Deputy Speaker BAHA)


  1. Shalom, this is a very good step and in the right direction. We pray the Governor will see with passion passion the quick response to address the issue. The Bauchi CAN chairman had earlier made this request throughout the Emir of Bauchi, where lamented the unhealthy and corrupt happenings around the the area. Bad things happen there according to the CAN chairman Bauchi LGA

  2. Yeah!
    That’s a very good observation from comr. Daure Yankoli, a True son of the community. But before taking action on the above issue, I will give my own little observation which is; before opening the school,
    * Govt should make sure there’s security that will make sure peace is being maintain.

    * Govt and Elders of that community should outline rules n regulations of the school, and Every student that violate it must be punish for his/her crime, regardless of who, where is He/Her.

    * I will be glad if the school is been brought back to exist as it’s before, because it’s the school that most people of Yelwan Tudu, SabonGida, Yelwan Makaranta, Gwallameji, Lushi, Tsakani, Kagadama and even some other part of the bauchi town, a secondary school that covers both Juniors and Seniors Classes unlike Others that just have Junior classes.

    May Peace continue to reign in Bauchi State and Nigeria at large… With Peace we can Achieve many things but sincerely speaking bauchi is left behind compared to other state, More effort Mr. Excellency, the Lord will be your strength.

    Make Bauchi People Proud, Do more than what your brother Dr. Mu’azu did, He’s still in our Heart.

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