SABON KAURA ROAD – David Ryce Zul Pens down Appreciation Letter to Gov Bala

SABON KAURA ROAD - David Ryce Zul Pens down Appreciation Letter to Gov Bala

In modern times, the citizens demand from their leaders basic social amenities that would not only guarantee their happiness and welfare but also promote the security and socio-economic development of the People.

It’s Therefore a known reality that the availability of accessible road to and fro a community Has A lot of advantages which ranges from increase access to market centers, wherefore, encouraging commercial farming activities, It increases access to social amenities, It plays a vital role of promoting development in rural communities, It promotes integration, It provides continuity in moving people and agric produce from rural communities to urban areas and most importantly It promotes sense of belonging, a reality lost to the Sabon-Kaura residents for ages
With immense gratitude, On behalf of my community ‘SABON KAURA, let me use this opportunity to register our heart-felt gratitude and sincere appreciation to the Governor, Sen. Bala Mohammed (Kauran Bauchi) of Bauchi State, Nigeria, for his positive and Infrastructural transformation of Sabon-Kaura Community.

Sabon-Kaura is a settlement in Bauchi Local Government Area of Bauchi State, Nigeria. It is located approximately 2k m off Bauchi-Dass road. Its people are heterogeneous in all facets of life ranging from tribe, faith and Vocation
Over the years, Sabon-Kaura had suffered long period of governmental neglect. The presence of government in what ever form was not felt at all as the age long problems of lack of good road, water, electricity, and health facilities among other basic social amenities continue to plague Sabon-Kaura community. People of the Community have on their own been engaging in community self-help projects to better their Condition of living and livelihood.

As a result of the long time neglect, there were insinuations such as no good road could ever come to Sabon-Kaura .No one knew that this assertion was held simply because the past governments decided to deliberately neglect this area. Many people have suffered the consequences of lack of accessible road and many have passed on with the question: “When would Sabon-Kaura ever have an accessible road?”
The past governments have played series of politics with the construction of accessible road network in Sabon-Kaura. They sought for the votes of Sabon-Kaura people; they got the votes but did not fulfill their promises.

The people of Sabon-Kaura were perplexed until when Almighty God in His infinite mercies sent in Sen.Bala Mohammed (Kauran Bauchi)
It is true as further proven by the governor that when the right person rules the people rejoice. The way and manner in which Sen. Bala Mohammed came to power shows he was and he is still God-sent. There were clear evidences beyond all reasonable doubts that God’s hand was at work because plans were put in place by the past administration to deny the mandate of the people to kauran Bauchi.

Based on available records and facts, Kaura’s transformation of Bauchi state is unprecedented For about Ten years of Bauchi State governorship administration. His good deeds speak volumes of him. He came in and met a lot of wrongs in government he proceeded to discontinue such wrongs.

Sincerely speaking, giving the previous prevailing conditions in Sabon Kaura and Bauchi State in general during the period of the past governments, Sabon kaura people least anticipated what they are seeing on ground now from Sen Bala.

On assumption of office, your Excellency awarded the road and drainage construction which linked Sabon Kaura to Both Yelwa and Miri Communities, this has since affirmed that Sabon kaura will in no distant time experience economic uplift and would no longer be threatened by the deadly reality of natural disasters like flooding and similar calamities.

The presence of this Newly constructed road will in no doubt solidify your legacy for years to come as a leader who Listens to his followers and Makes effort to alleviate their sufferings by providing the necessary Structures, Ideas and Initiatives.
This long piece however stands amongst many documented appreciation to come from concerned Residents, members of Associations ,Faith Leaders and Community Leaders of Sabon Kaura.
Your excellency, Our joy knows no bounds and we pledge to take care of all government provided amenities to ensure it last a life time .

Check out some images of the newly constructed road at Sabon Kaura by Gov Bala ..

SABON KAURA ROAD - David Ryce Zul Pens down Appreciation Letter to Gov Bala

Thank You Sir
Lon- live Sabon-Kaura
Long-Live Kauran Bauchi
Long-Live Bauchi State.
Yours Faithfully,




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  1. I just want to comment on the new developments on the sabon kaura road i really admire and appreciate the good work that has been done on the road God bless the hand that has done this.

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