Sabon Kaura Should Glow Like Kauran Bauchi

, Sabon Kaura Should Glow Like Kauran Bauchi, ,

Good Day dear Bauchi Folks.
I Wish to believe you are doing great and your families are awesome.

I never had the chance to wish you a happy new year and encourage you that it’s gonna be OK this year if you work smart. Work smart, I repeat.

The year 2020 has been a special year, with Global priorities and advancement tagged to it. Nigeria for one has had leaders in the years past marking/making the year a period of tremendous economic ,capital and social growth ,it’s only but sad that some of such leaders like Musa YarAdua never lived long enough to implement most of his initiatives

Similarly, Bauchi State has had such leaders who started implementing Meaningful policies and developmental strides but the constitutional Limits of tenure in office, lack of continuity, myopic leadership made sure 2020 isn’t the golden year as dreamt.

The Election of the incumbent Governor H. E (Sen) Bala Mohammed (Kauran Bauchi) into office hinted that, the citizens prefer progressive leaders in the likes of Dr Ahmadu Mu’azu to provide Physiological ,Anatomical and Face lifts to the state.The recent road constructions, The civil service surgery/Purging , The payment of Benefits and gratuity ,Declaration of state of emergency in Health and Education, Appointments of Credible Officers and Show of Respect to the masses and their respective Religions are few among what my Zul mind can pose for affirmation.

Now to the amazing part of my thoughts in words. What happens in life without a reason?? …my guess might be as good as yours, as it might be NOTHING.So then read patiently and critically through my submission. Is the government doing enough to make your life better and meaningful?? Well as for me yes, the recent Road construction at Sabon kaura Community is a step in the right direction,i believe every resident of Sabon Kaura will agree with me. OK, to the amazing part now. Follow me carefully as I outline some known/Unknown details.


2. College of Agriculture Bauchi ………TO THE EAST

3. GRA (aka the big people area) and Tambari Housing estate (if you know somebody in government people Area) …..TO THE NORTH


These locations/Areas are having some of the best social amenities within the capital city of Bauchi, ranging from 14-18hrs of Electricity, Safe water, Health Facilities , Security Patrols and Good roads. I won’t dwell on Road since the government of the day has been constitutionally gracious to grant us one (under construction).

Sabon Kaura Community has been existing long before the aforementioned areas, the community is a Co-host to ATBU AND COLLEGE of AGRICULTURE BAUCHI ,I know some know that but other don’t.

In 2020 ,one will think such Community should be having 14-18hrs of uninterrupted power supply same as her Neighbors(ATAP,ATBU,BSCOA,GRA,TAMBARI HOUSING ESTATE) ,but the 14-18hrs Vision got exhausted before SABON Kaura community got the point of Disbursement. The area is always in darkness like the black spot on a white bean.

Now if that’s not amazing, I would be amazed myself that it isn’t, knowing that power only comes a day in 10days,YES I said TEN DAYS 10, the power tariff is as high as those having light(power) every day.

I know this situation isn’t peculiar to sabon kaura area, but our community is uniquely located, embodied potentials for advancement and shares the same name in “KAURA” with the people’s governor therefore we deserve to feel the goodness our neighbors feel everyday…(haha).

Once again Happy new year!!

, Sabon Kaura Should Glow Like Kauran Bauchi, ,

©Rice David Zul
(Legacy and Selfless.)


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