Shocking!!! Text Message Showing Wizkid Ordering Thugs To Brutalize Innocent Surulere Boy Exposed, Thugs Arrested By Police

The gang leader of the Surulere axis of Lagos that brutalized a young man who made a video revealing he would boycott Wizkid’s songs has been arrested by officers of the Nigerian police force as well as the text messages exchanged between himself and Wizkid which exposes their plot to punishing the young man unjustly.

The video of the man by name Baruwa being interrogated by the police officers has circulated social media with him on hand-cuffs crying for help and denying that he was involved in the action taken against the innocent young man.

Meanwhile, the exposed text message revealed Baruwa telling Wizkid they were already with the boy who made the threat and also that they were dishing out to the guy the punishment he unjustly deserved for his action.

This drama is gradually becoming a huge saga but we hope peace forcefully interferes.

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