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Hello Guys! I apologize for the long break, I failed to publish 3 episodes of THE INTERVIEW (For the past 3 Fridays) due to some unforeseen circumstances. Thank God we are back! The 3 interviews are ready so I would publish them sequentially.


In This week episode on THE INTERVIEW I have the beautiful Simply Glad the Simi look-alike & sing-alike Bauchi based Singer is currently plying her trades in the music industry at Bauchi geering up massive rave reviews for her energetic performance on stage. Most recently at Flamez Gig last month. Not to bore you with the hype let’s go straight to business guys!!!


Most qoutable statement from the interview….

“I do what I want without comparison because I can’t be other female artist and they can’t be me”

Josh Ghani: Good Day and welcome to THE INTERVIEW Can we know you miss?

Simplyglad:  Thanks for having me here Josh Ghani,  My stage name is Simplyglad craved from my birth name “Gladys” John (born 24th July 1994) in the city of Ibadan, Oyo State but an indegene of plateau state. Lover of music and dance. Enjoy making money for myself. A second child from the family of six. Always being smart in whatever I do. A very principled lady who loves playing too much and making new friends.


Josh Ghani: When did you venture into the music industry?

Simplyglad: I ventured into the music industry 2017


Josh Ghani: What Genre of music do you do?

Simplyglad: Afropop. R&B. Soul. alt-rock. world.


Josh Ghani: How do you handle your male fans?

Simplyglad: I practice gender equity amongst my fans. Irrespective of where you come from, I love you same. I don’t descreminate.


Josh Ghani: What are the challenges you encountered here at beehive looking at the fact that we have very few numbers of female artiste on the limelight?

Simplyglad: Knowing fully well that Bauchi is not really a socialise state so, “IDUNCARE” what people say or think about female artistes in Bauchi. I do music cos it relieves me of stress. Being it emotional or phycological. So I really don’t have any challenge.


Josh Ghani: What’s your take on latest controversial song by Lemuel Knight “FVCKING ISSUE” which was addressing Fellow male artiste that take advantage of female artiste on the come up?

Simplyglad: People can think whatever they want cos whether you f*ck or not mheen… As long as you’re in the industry, that’s a view you’ve chosen for yourself. It’s left for you to “Doyourthing” and let them see you differently. If you can’t work to pay then what do you expect from the guys? My favorite quote “Money can buy money” advice to the female artistes “Work hard to pay for what you want and gain Your respect” if a guy thinks it’s all about pussy them you let him know it’s all about cash. You don’t think you can make it in the industry without Sacrificing. If you can’t pay for the beatz, recordings, ft etc…. You calm down. No one is chasing you by the way. Go and work, make some money, pay for it, avoid sexual harassment. “Iskanchi” is a general name for all celebrities in the world So “IDUNCARE”. As long as I make money from it and also pay those criticizers from it. Hahahhahah hahahhahah😂🤣🤣

And then if the guy can’t understand that you ft him, using his studio, using his beatz without paying him is a bonus to him then forget about the fool and move on. “Ladies are very influential people and all male artists should know that having us around you makes you more popular” Pay the Nigger get down to business and wait for him to ask for a favor.

Note that not all guys in the industry does that. I also got to understand that “Na those underground’s” mostly do that. “You never blow, I never blow, we dey huzzle together, you wan f*ck” hahahhahah….. I will just try work hard, blow before you and wait for you to say “we been start together with this babe for Bauchi ooo”😂🤣🤣


Josh Ghani: Who is your biggest competitor in the hive?

Simplyglad: No Challenges at all cos there’s no other simplyglad in the world and Beehive except me. So my challenge is myself and myself is my challenges. I do what I want without comparison because I can’t be other female artist and they can’t be me.



Josh Ghani: Alot of people would say Simply Glad is proud & arrogant, what do you have to say about this?

Simplyglad: Yeah that only affects those who don’t have business to discuss and those opportunist. I have to be proud of myself as an independent lady that I am. So it’s normal. Being arrogant, they missunderstanding me cos I believe in business, knowledge and smartness. So those without similar qualities think I’m arrogant. And I love being straight forward in whatever I do. My NO is NO and my YES is YES. You don’t try to make me change my mind cos I believe I’m smart enough to know how to handle things. When you talk to me, you go straight to the point instead of beating around the bush to avoid you seeing me as being arrogant. For I am so free with everyone and very friendly. Guys mostly take my being friendly as a crush which makes them see me as a proud lady when I turn them down.


Josh Ghani: Who do you look up to in the industry?

Simplyglad: I look up to Simisola not because people say I look like her but because she is real. She speaks reality through her music “Mostly her life”. And also we have so many things in common that I feel connected to her always.

Josh Ghani: When are you dropping your next singles or album?

Simplyglad: For now I’m working on a new single to drop soon “Undisclosed”. But a album should be next year “Undisclosed”.

Josh Ghani: Are u in a relationship? With who?

Simplyglad: Yes , Undisclosed!

Josh Ghani: Thank You very much for your time Simplyglad, We wish you the very best in your Career!

Interview Ends!




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