Umar Maudo’s claim is fake – Shehu Musa Gabam

Umar Maudo’s claim is fake – Shehu Musa Gabam

My attention has been drawn to the fake news going round the social Media by one Umar Maudo who claimed to be the Media Director in my office of National Secretary of social Democratic party (SDP). This information is false and another attempts to dent my image as the national Secretary of SDP. It is not only misleading but completely untrue that cannot be allow to go uncheck.

There is no time such agreement was sign neither in my capacity issued any appointment letter to the said person .This is an of impersonation for someone not just to use the party privilege membership he enjoys but to go this extra miles making statements that are completely misleading to the public.

This is one of the young people we brought very close to us to gear up and gain experience of leadership but disgracefully went ahead to share this misleading content . Assuming the responsibility of the office of the Media Director of the national Secretary is the highest impersonation that can be committed in any democratic environment.

Finally, Let me make it very clear that in as much as I have many supporters who agreed with my Political ideology and shared many of my content on Facebook and other social media platforms . I never and has not appointmented anyone to serve as my Media Director and therefore the general public are warn .

Thank you for your understanding and I appreciates those who calls personally to draw my attention on this misleading content.

Shehu Musa Gabam
National Secretary,SDP

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