VIRAL VIDEO: Victim of Police Brutality Narrates his ordeal with Baba Yola’s RRS, set for amputation!



VIRAL VIDEO: Victim of Police Brutality Narrates his ordeal with Baba Yola’s RRS, set for amputation!

A victim of police brutality in Bauchi state has narrated his ordeal in Hausa to an anonymous interviewer in a viral video

It is no news that many things have changed these few months following the COVID19 outbreak and subsequent responses. One of the significant changes in Bauchi state is the ban of Okada and the enforcement of the use of facemask across the state. Civilians have suffered measures of harassment from security agencies enforcing these new laws.

The man in this video, who has identified himself as Yusuf Halladu, a resident of Baraya quarters along Wuntin-Dada axis out of goodwill had carried a woman from his neighborhood on his motorcycle. In his narrative, the woman was going to church when she asked for his help to drop her in Yelwa-Bauchi before they encountered the popular men of Rapid Response Squad popularly known as ‘Baba Yola Boys’. He said Baba Yola boys pushed them into Yelwa bridge where he sustained two fractures in his hand while the woman broke her leg.


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At the time of the interview, he had spent two weeks in the hospital and seventy thousand nairas was required of him for the wounded hand to be amputated, he also noted that he has been unemployed for four years. The victim in his ordeal stated that the squad did not take them to the hospital after hitting them, he said the residents first took him to the maternity clinic in Yelwa where he got stitched and his family took him to the hospital and since the incident, he has not seen any representative of the Baba Yola boys.

He also pointed out that he was not an okada rider but was riding his personal motorcycle when the woman asked him for help. He said he doesn’t know what happened to the woman but he believes her relatives came and took her to the hospital just the way his relatives took him. Yusuf Halladu has a wife and five children under his care.

The barbarity of Baba Yola boys in Bauchi precedes the pandemic and the new rules of social responsibility. The citizen’s outcry might just come to an end as this particular video is still drawing quality attention.

His Excellency Senator Bala Mohammed on a Facebook post dated June 9, 2020, condemned harassment reported to him and urged the citizens to continue being law-abiding citizens. Victims and terrified citizens responded positively to the governor’s affirmation to ensure the rights of the citizens are respected and not trampled upon while implementing the new rules in the state.

Check out the video below.



VIRAL VIDEO: Victim of Police Brutality Narrates his ordeal with Baba Yola’s RRS

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