Why am changing my name from NathyBula to Sauceßwoi

On a wired interview with Sauceßwoi , the young’in explains why he changed his stage name from NathyBula to Sauceßwoi.



” The name Nathy Bula Was given to me by my class mate when one popular songs by lyrical doctor Smith because at that time I got all the lyrics on my head..

That was when I inherited the name, Since then I have been using the name. Even on my first track title Dab for the girls.. Ah really loved the name but I was upset on some case were by some people and even my family use to take the bula as “lie” And say am a professional liar.

I now changed ma facebook name to Sauceßwoi to make people kind of forget about the Bula but Plans for changing the name buh didn’t know how to start but my closest friend insists i use the Sauceßwoi since the name is also popular. “


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